Utilize sticks left and right to alter the trajectory line. Choose the type of shot you want to use and then apply spin using left stick FIFA 23 Coins. Hold the shoot button to speed up the shot. Press shoot once more to activate Timed Finished to increase the accuracy of your shot. by estimating where on the circle you'll make contact, you can determine the type of shot and the amount of spin is going to be applied. It's an easy idea but one that's hard enough to keep free kicks/set pieces balance.

One feature that I was interested in trying firsthand was the new Physics system. Since HyperMotion 2 being touted as an attempt to incorporate more realistic physics into the game, I was curious to determine whether the changes made any real impact. The result is a mixed bag in this area. On the one side, you'll notice the updated ball physics on display whenever you switch the play. The ball spins and rotates accurately as you follow the ball's movement.

On the other hand there are things EA have highlighted prior to release, such as collision and deflection physics appear and feel identical to last year. While the weight of players has increased to a greater degree, players still collide with each other , resulting in unrealistic collisions, particularly considering the tendency to keep that fingers glued to the sprint button.

A large portion of the new deflections that come via an extended leg or foot can only be observed on replay. Additionally, replays I've watched, I've noticed that these shots -- particularly those of the power version -- will cause some painful injuries cheap FUT 23 Coins. Deflections and 50-50s continue to be favored by the AI especially when you become accustomed to the new body types and the meaning they convey when it comes to speed.