Are there other platebodies that are in between and give more bonuses than rune? What other non-degradable bodies do you employ for your normal training? What is the cost and do you believe that the investment is worth the reward?

Rune is the most effective nonmem armour that is not deg. The next best is Granite Body, legs, sheild and helm. This is mem, and require fifty str. and 50def. to wield. It's also among the most heavy armours available and maybe the most heavy. It drains the run in a way that is insane. Additionally, it appears ridiculous, and the entire set is less than 500k and is mostly used by bots, as I've been told.

There is also the fighter torso , and the other items you can obtain through minigames. Then there's Dragon armor, which requires 60 def. If you can't afford chain bod or plate bod, that costs 4.5M-5.5M and 9m-10m respectively you can make use of a rune body with drag legs and a medium helm. Do not use granite body and dragon legs. That's the outfit that bots wear. I have Zammy platebody and Dragon Platelegs.. It looks awesome. The majority of the gears are deg, however barrows equipment lasts for 10+ hours of battle, and that's prior to repairs.

I'm at your Sal's for help regarding Dungeoneering. It's me needing assistance this time. I've always wondered what the appropriate threshold is to pray for monsters. That is, at what point for each kind of monster should I make an offensive and protection prayer? By type, I refer to warriors, shades rangers, magers, bats, zombies, skeletons and rats, demons, brutes, pickaxes, etc.     If you want to know more about can go